Hangyuan Garden
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Project Name: Hangyuan Garden

Developer: Qingdao SINO Investment Management Co., Ltd

Location of Project: No.9 of Yueyang Road, Shinan District, Qingdao City

General Situation of the Project: Hangyuan Garden is located in the tourist destination-the Eight Great Passes of Qingdao with beautiful environment and strong cultural ambience. It adjoins the Financial Street of Qingdao—Middle Hong Kong Road with convenient transportation. The project covers a total area of 10,691.2 m2, the total construction area is 9,385.96 m2, the volume rate is 0.74, and the greening rate is 45%. It is the best destination of tourism and entertainment with the beautiful sea sights and alternate scenes of mountains and seas.

The project has been sold out and put into use



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